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About Us


About Us


About Us


Humble Beginnings

Founded in 1994 as an owner-operator limousine company with a single ambition: excellence. Apex grew and found success first and foremost thanks to our wonderful customers. Many of the same customers are still riding with us now, nearly 30 years on! Business grew by offering services to corporate clients and building strong affiliate relationships with other leaders of the transportation industry in the 1990s. Consequently, as Apex’s fleet required expansion and updating, Apex became one of the pioneers to recognize the value of SUVs for passenger duty. Almost 30 years later, SUVs are still our MVPs of ROI. Apex was among the first to acquire a fleet of various Sprinter vans, we led the industry in offering mini-coach servies, we are on the front lines of adopting electric vehicles in our regular fleet and are also leading the industry in offering a variety of buses, vans and mini-coaches with wheelchair access.


In the late 2000s the old-school “stretch” limos were being fast replaced by SUVs and luxury vans. Apex partners then made the commitment to expand the company fleet to incorporate every type of vehicle imaginable. A wave of acquisitions of vans, mini-coaches and buses began – and still continues as our company continues to grow. The two owners remain actively involved in operating and growing the company to this day, illustrating a true American Dream in action – small business owners growing their business and building value into their offering through hard work and dedication. Our fleet now includes a variety of 56-passenger buses from various top manufacturers – MCI, Setra, Prevost, Volvo. We have every possible size and configuration of mini coaches, any type of Sprinter van, and our fleet of SUVs is growing and being updated constantly.

Growth after the pandemic

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, the entire executive transportation industry ground to a halt and we were no exception. After several tough months operating with a skeleton crew, Apex was able to secure a contract to transport essential medical personnel. When the dust settled, Apex emerged in 2022 with a brand new and expanded fleet of buses and SUVs. Having grown almost exponentially in 2020-’22 allowed for a reinvestment program, which continues to this day. We are hiring, buying new vehicles and opening new markets. In 2022 Apex launched a base in South Florida, where we have obtained all the required permitting to cater to the local sea port. Most importantly, the last three years gave us the opportunity to mature into a truly diverse team. We are now a wonderful group of supremely capable people from many different backgrounds.


Our outlook for the near-term is challenging in the best possible way – our growth is forcing us to expand beyond what some may consider a “comfort zone” for a limo business. However, we are no longer just a “limo service”. Even though limousine service remains an integral and central part of our business model, our fleet is so vast and diverse that we are also a bona fide bus company and an executive Sprinter van company, and much more.

We are always focusing on delivering what the market demands. We love living in the future. We were one of the first passenger transportation companies in the world to adopt Tesla vehicles for driving passengers. At the same time, we are always growing our network and expanding our capacity. We now proudly own and operate vehicles on both coasts of the United States and are able to offer service anywhere on the Globe to our clients through a large and trusted affiliate network. Our staff are ready to assist you on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Since 2014 we have been using PCI DSS compliant (read: secure) cloud-based platforms for our communications and dispatch. Our vehicles all have GPS tracking and all our drivers connect via applications that help with everything – from electronic log books to routing… and none of this would not be possible without the amazing team of people animating this network constantly!

We are, of course, an equal-opportunity employer and our team is very diverse. Our philosophy has always been – and remains – to see the potential in every candidate regardless of gender, skin color, religion, creed and sexual preference. Apex always recognized true talent and ability above all else in each candidate. This value is shared by our a multi-lingual and multi-national team of managers, who are always happy to welcome new members to our team. Our philosophy is to always strive to provide THE BEST customer service. Our diversity is integral to being able to offer this level of service – it is the “superpower” within each of our team members that inspires us all to always strive to deliver more!