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Hollywood Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport


About Us

Welcome to Hollywood Burbank Airport! For 93 years, we’ve been known as the friendliest, most convenient airport for flying to or from Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley. Commercial airlines, cargo planes, general aviation, and military aircraft all operate out of BUR, and it’s the closest L.A.-area airport to most of the region’s popular tourist destinations.

If you’re flying into Burbank, you can rent a car on-site at the Airport’s Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC), or you can escape L.A. traffic by hopping aboard one of the Airport’s many public transportation options! The Airport is served by buses and trains that will take you straight to the heart of Los Angeles, taxis and TNCs that will meet you at designated pick-up spots, and complimentary hotel shuttles that will transport you directly to your local hotel.

Flight Information

Check all upcoming Hollywood Burbank Airport flight statuses below. You can also sort flights by flight number, origin, status or gate number by clicking on the column header in the table below.

Flight Information

Rental Cars

*For hotel shuttles, please contact your hotel for service availability.

The Hollywood Burbank Airport rental car pick-up and drop-off location can be found in the Consolidated Rental Car Facilities of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC). The rental car return entrance is located on Avenue B which may be accessed via the Hollywood Way and Empire Avenue Airport entrances.

The customer service counter can be accessed by using the elevated walkway located adjacent to the Valet Center in front of the terminal. The RITC consolidates 10 rental car brands and over 1,000 rental car parking spaces in one building.

Listing Details

Pets Allowed: Yes

Contact Info

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505