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We are grateful and proud to have been among VIP transporters for the 2023 Oscars Ceremony and after parties!
This Academy Awards Ceremony was our 25th! We are proud to have transported multiple winners to and from the Ceremony over the years.
Now that it’s over, we wanted to take a little time and offer a bit of an insight into what we’ve learned so far from these amazing experiences.
Luxury Transportation Services oscars
First of all, it is impossible to estimate how many people it actually takes to make this Ceremony possible. To say that transportation professionals are the only unsung heroes is to grossly neglect so many more people that make all the details possible – the lighting, the rigging, the sound, costumes, designs, planning, assistants, booking, accommodations… the list is so long – we are afraid that no matter how many we list, we are bound to leave someone out. It is much like when you stay for the end credits in any film – you are overwhelmed with how many people it takes to get just one production completed. Like that – times a couple thousand! Our sincerest thanks and appreciation goes to everyone that makes these wonderful events possible!
And so, with thousands upon thousands of humble workers collaborating together to create something magical, the Ceremony comes together. And it is this Ceremony that is the “THANKS” that we all seek. Sure, most of us also get paid for this work (albeit the century-old tradition of hiring numerous interns and/or volunteers is reputedly alive and well in Tinseltown). But the real pay for being a part of something like is knowing that you are part of something so special! In this light, does it truly matter that some people exploit this as a platform for one or another political subject? Does it matter that there are people who put their personal agendas over the labor of thousands of others? Truly, it does not, because the proof, as the saying goes, is in the pudding.


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